Cemetery List

# Image Last Name First Name Addition Block Stone Notes
41 Amblie Muriel LeNora Yes
42 Amblie Peter N Yes
43 Amblie Tilda Yes
44 Ammerman David E Yes
45 Amory Frances Yes
46 Amory James H Yes
47 Anders Susan C.
48 Anderson Bernice No
49 Anderson Derrick Tyler Yes
50 Anderson Dorothy Ann Yes Infant Daughter of Merle
51 Anderson Duane Yes
52 Anderson Henry Yes
53 Anderson Ida J Yes
54 Anderson Ida O Yes
55 Anderson Infant of No
56 Anderson Infant of Kyle and Tina Yes Premature
57 Anderson Mildred I Yes
58 Anderson Infant of Kyle and Tina Yes Premature
59 Anderson John J Yes
60 Anderson John A Yes
61 Anderson Joshua L No
62 Anderson Julia Yes
63 Anderson Lilly Yes
64 Anderson Lyle E Yes
65 Anderson Mitta M Yes
66 Anderson Orphie M Yes
67 Anderson Roy W Yes
68 Anderson Susan A Yes
69 Andrew Gerald Yes
70 Andrews Austin Yes
71 Andrews Cornelia Yes
72 Andrews Dennis Yes Infant son
73 Anfinson Burton Yes
74 Anfinson Helene Yes
75 Anonsen Ruth Yes
76 Anonsen Waldo T Yes
77 Armour Avon N Yes
78 Armour Infant of Ronald No Disinterred on 7/20/2000. moved to lot 197 3rd add Belmond Cemetery
79 Armour Michael Yes
80 Armour Robert James Yes Infant of Ronald Armour moved from lot# 112 - 7/20/2000