Cemetery List

# Image Last Name First Name Addition Block Stone Notes
161 Beenken Infant of Donald No
162 Behrends Theodore Yes
163 Behrends Wanetta Yes
164 Beisner James H.
165 Bell Leola Yes
166 Benson Claud C Yes
167 Benson Daryle Keith Yes
168 Benson Delilah Yes
169 Benson Don C No Ashes
170 Benson Ignacious H Yes
171 Benson Infant son of Claud and O F Yes
172 Benson Joyce K No Ashes
173 Benson Onnalee F Yes
174 Berg Charlotte L Yes
175 Berghefer Augusta K Yes
176 Berghefer Dorothy Elizabeth Yes
177 Berghefer Herman Yes
178 Berghefer John A Yes
179 Bergsma Bert Yes
180 Bergsma Laura Yes
181 Berhow Arlene J Yes
182 Berhow Jay Lynn No
183 Berhow Wesley Milo Yes
184 Berneman Robert Yes
185 Berns Francis E Yes
186 Berns Anthony S Yes
187 Berns Connie Fae Yes
188 Berns Robert W Yes
189 Berrien Annie No
190 Best Ethel Wiegand Yes
191 Bird Rosemary M Yes
192 Bishop Descom Yes
193 Bishop Infant son of Lloyd Yes
194 Bishop Lillian J Yes
195 Black Margaret (Peggy) E. Yes
196 Black Bernard C Yes
197 Bliss Ella Luick Yes
198 Bloom Helen Ruth Yes
199 Bloom Infant son of A R No
200 Bloom Sarah Yes