Cemetery List

# Image Last Name First Name Addition Block Stone Notes
1 Hagen Chris Yes
2 Hahn Paul R Yes
3 Hake Anita Yes
4 Hake Chester Yes
5 Hake David N Yes
6 Hake Frank Yes
7 Hake George Yes
8 Hake Infant daughter of Frank Yes
9 Hake Infant son of Frank Yes
10 Hake John Yes
11 Hake Lynn Yes
12 Hake Mrs Jennie No
13 Hake Rachel Yes
14 Halfpop Edward L Yes
15 Halfpop Fanny Yes
16 Halfpop Larry G Yes
17 Halfpop Lloyd Yes
18 Halfpop Susan T Yes
19 Hall Harry Yes
20 Hall Infant of George No
21 Hall Jeannette M Yes
22 Hall Lois Yes
23 Hammervold William A Yes
24 Hammond Harley H Yes
25 Hammond Homer E Yes
26 Hammond Jennie Yes
27 Hammond Lois J Yes
28 Hammond Mrs O D Yes
29 Hansen Richard K. Yes
30 Hansen Larry R. Yes
31 Hansen Linda Jean Yes Infant of Ronald Hansen
32 Hanson Martin H Yes
33 Hanson Mona A Yes
34 Hanson Omar C Yes
35 Hanson Oren C Yes
36 Hanson Otto R Yes
37 Hanson Roger Yes
38 Hanson Ronald Evert Yes
39 Hanson Susanna O Yes
40 Hanson Verdell Yes