Cemetery List

# Image Last Name First Name Addition Block Stone Notes
1 Rabe Albert Yes
2 Rabe August Yes
3 Rabe Cynthia M Yes
4 Rabe Goldie Yes
5 Rabe Infant Yes
6 Rabe Infant Yes Brought from Hancock County Cemetery 1941 probably died in 1914
7 Rabe Jennie Yes
8 Rabe Lorine B Yes
9 Rabe Mrs August Yes
10 Rabe William Yes
11 Rabey Clarence F Yes
12 Rabey Fidelia Yes
13 Rabey Roger William Yes Name on memorial marker on body.
14 Rabey William Yes
15 Rabey Patricia Lou Yes
16 Ramsay Erma Yes
17 Ramsay Infant daughter of W R Yes
18 Ramsay Infant of Rex No
19 Ramsay Una A Yes
20 Ramsay Wallace R Yes
21 Ramsay Walter Yes
22 Rankins Alice M Yes
23 Rankins Almira Yes
24 Rankins Annie Yes
25 Rankins Clarry Yes
26 Rankins Cornelia Yes
27 Rankins Delbert L Yes
28 Rankins EleaNor Yes
29 Rankins Eliza J Yes
30 Rankins Mary L Yes
31 Rankins Roy A Yes
32 Rankins Theo D Yes
33 Rankins Warren Jr Yes
34 Reasoner Beulah M Yes
35 Reasoner Edward Roland Yes
36 Reed Barbara O Yes
37 Reed Clara L Yes
38 Reed E Grace Yes
39 Reed Edith Yes
40 Reed Edwin G Yes