Cemetery List

# Image Last Name First Name Addition Block Stone Notes
1 Valenzuela Sandra Lee Yes Buried with remains of Angelo Lazado
2 Van Buskirk Harrison E Yes
3 Van Buskirk Paul E Yes
4 Van Buskirk Sarah F Yes
5 Van Buskirk Virgil Yes
6 Van Buskirk Gladys V Yes
7 Van Drie Sophia M G Yes
8 Van Gerpen John Yes
9 Van Gerpen Rosa Yes
10 Vance George O Yes
11 Vance Mabel I Yes
12 Veeder Claude H Yes
13 Veeder David Yes
14 Veeder David L Yes
15 Veeder Flora Yes
16 Veeder Flora L Yes
17 Veeder Frank Yes
18 Veeder Fred C Yes
19 Veeder Harry H Yes
20 Veeder Infant of David No
21 Veeder Leo Yes
22 Veeder Mabelle O Yes
23 Veeder Matilda Yes
24 Veeder Nancy Lou No
25 Veeder Verna B Yes
26 Veeder William Yes
27 Ver Helst Maurine M. Yes
28 VerHelst Kenneth L Yes
29 Violes Ceive Yes
30 Violes Olive Yes
31 Violes William Yes