City Statistics
Population: 2376
Average Income: $43,895
Population with College Experience: 62.6%
County: Wright
Location: 42'51'N 93'37'W
Land area: 2.85 square miles
Average summer temperature: 70.1'F
Average winter temperature: 31.3'F
Average annual rainfall: 33.37 inches
Average annual snowfall: 30.4 inches
Streets: 95 % paved
Police Department: 24-hour coverage with 5 Officers
Fire Department: 30 volunteer fire fighters
Fire Insurance Class: 5
Water system: Licensed as a class 3 facility
Wastewater treatment: Licensed as a class 3 facility
Public Library: 20,369 volumes with 89 magazine & newspaper subscriptions,2,534 audio/films/software collections and 12,280 volumes accessible by download
Airport: 3,245' turf runway
Zoning & Subdivision: Ordinances in effect
Assessed Valuation: $62,660,035
City Tax rate per $1000: $16.92927 ($40.84 all levies)
Bonded Indebtedness: $3,178,000 General Obligation
$5,985,000 Revenue 
Bonding Capacity: $4,876,656
Housing Stock: 1698 units
Detached houses (owner occupied): 1114 units
Owner Occupied: 68.5 %
Rental Units Available: 374
Age of Housing Stock: 769 are 1960 or newer
Median Value of Housing: $79,500
Median Rent: $250-499
Eaton Corporation Engine valve manufacturing-310 employees
Farm & Home Publishing Plat book publishing-66 employees
Printing Services, Inc Publication and printing-52 employees
Sparboe Iowa Corp Egg production-40 employees
North Iowa Woods Wood fabrication-14 employees
Iowa Specialty Hospital Critical Access Hospital and Clinic-140 employees
Syngenta Seed Co Seed processing-11 employees
Howard Enterprises Engine parts & clutches-12 employees
Lee Limited Machining-6 employees
Max Yield Co-Op Grain handling- 8 employees