Chief’s Welcome

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new residents, visitors and potential residents to the community. The Police Department here in Belmond strives to make our community a safe and peaceful place to live and visit. We work alongside the other city departments to make this community the best possible place to call home. The officers of the Belmond Police Department work diligently to protect this community and to assist the people of the community in any way they can.

The Belmond Police Department is a five-person department with 24 hours 7 days a week coverage. The Department is responsible for all law enforcement inside the City of Belmond. The Department has a toll-free number to call for non-emergences. We strongly recommend the public use the number to contact the officers: 1-877-442-3357 (Toll-Free). FOR EMERGENCES CALL 911

Officers of the Belmond Police Department
Police Chief: Dario Gamino (
Sergeant: None at this time
Patrol Officers: Positions are open at this time. Applications are available under City Government > Permits & Applications > City Employment Application

The Belmond Police Department’s first and foremost responsibility is the safety and welfare of the citizens of Belmond and to do so we have the task of enforcing all state and local laws. The officers are not here to give legal advice to citizens in civil matters; the officers can only assist with criminal violations of the laws of this state and the city ordinances.

As a citizen or visitor to Belmond, you may have had something happen and you do not know whether or not it is something that the Police can help you with. I strongly recommend you contact the Belmond Police Department and the officer on duty will be happy to respond, informing you at that time if we can help or if it is a civil matter. If it is a civil matter the officer will not be able to give you legal advice and the department strongly recommends you contact an attorney. If the officer can help the officer will do everything he/she can to assist you and keep you safe.

The officers of the Belmond Police Department handle around 1000 calls for service a year along with patrolling the community, assisting motorists, responding to medical calls and fire calls, assisting other agencies, and working with the public.

The Belmond Police Department works closely and has a good working relationship with the Belmond Klemme Schools. Officers routinely attend school-sponsored activities and go into the classrooms to talk to the students on a wide range of topics.

The officers of the Belmond Police Department are active in the community that we call home. The Department helps with community events throughout the year: The 4th of July Celebration, the Firecracker Classic, Kiddie parade, Parade of Lights, Dog Days Triathlon, and Thanks with Franks to name some of the fun family activities the department is involved in.

As Chief of the Belmond Police Department, I welcome input from the public; we have an open-door policy at the department. Please feel free to call, email, write, or stop into the office with any concerns or comments you the citizens of our community may have.

The department has listed some of the following sites for you to visit (county, city, and state web sites.)

Belmond Police Department
Dario Gamino, Police Chief
Send a Message to Dario Gamino


112 2nd Ave. NE
Belmond, IA 50421
Phone: (877) 442-3357 (Toll-Free)

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