The Belmond Public Works Department has four regular full-time employees and six part-time employees who are responsible for a multitude of services to the community. There are seven departments which include: Airport, Cemetery, Parks, Sanitary Sewer, Streets, Storm Sewer and Water.


The Belmond Municipal Airport is identified by the Iowa Aviation System Plan as a Basic Service II airport. The airport serves the general aviation needs of northeast Wright County and does not offer any fixed-base operator (FBO) services; a hangar; or fuel sales.

The airport has one turf runway: 17/35, which is 3245 feet in length and 95 feet wide. Low intensity edge and threshold lights are in place. There is a lighted, paved helipad and lighted wind indicator. There are also two tie-down spaces on an unpaved surface.

Airside Facilities Existing
Airport Reference Code A-II
Primary Runway Length 3,245 (turf)
Primary Runway Width 95′
Taxiway Exits
Approach Visual
Runway Lighting LIRL
Taxiway Lighting No
Approach Aids No
Visual Guidance Slope Indicators (VGSI) No
Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) No
Rotating Beacon No
Lighted Wind Indicator Yes
RCO Facilities No
Pavement Strength Turf
Landside Existing
Covered Storage No
Aircraft Apron Turf
Terminal/Admin Building No
Auto Parking Unimproved
Fencing No
Storage No
Fuel No
Ground Transportation No
Food Services No
Phone Yes
Restroom No
Pilot Lounge No

While no one employee is assigned to work at the airport, there is maintenance to be done in the form of mowing, clearing snow and changing light bulbs. The city has also been put on notice that new Homeland Security measures seemingly enacted for larger airports apply to the Belmond Municipal Airport and must be enforced. The city currently contracts with a local turf management firm for the mowing of the runway. For further information call Joel Buseman at 515-571-7716.


The duties relating to the cemetery are split between a number of employees. Three part-time workers are hired from roughly April through November to maintain the cemetery, primarily providing grounds keeping such as mowing, weed-eating, seeding and overseeing a contractor to level stones and complete minor repairs. The Deputy City Clerk in City Hall sells the lots, processes the deeds and files the paperwork with the Iowa Insurance Division. The city is currently selling lots from only the Second Memorial Addition. Public Works full-time employees take turns digging graves and filling them in after burial. If you have any questions, contact City Hall at 641-444-3386.

Sanitary Sewers

As well as operation and maintenance of the Wastewater Treatment Plant the Sewer division maintains approximately 28 miles of sanitary sewer, and 4 lift stations throughout the City of Belmond. Catch basin and manhole repair, jetting, flushing and cleaning the lines are also part of this division’s tasks. The division also contracts for televised inspection of lines.

Streets and Storm Sewers

Three employees are assigned to do the work in this area on a regular basis. The Street Department facilities are located at 519 2nd Avenue SE.
Street sweeping
Parking lines painting
Equipment maintenance and repair
Trimming trees overhanging the right-of-ways and removal of dead or diseased trees in the city right of way
Maintain the storm sewer collection systems
Snow removal
Signage repairs, updates and additions
Surface maintenance of streets and alleys
Assist all other divisions with maintenance issues and emergencies


The city has built a new water plant in west Belmond, on “the hill”. It is a plant capable of producing finished water at a rate of 1150 gallons per minute. It is again a lime softening plant which Belmond has had since 1911 with alum added as a coagulant aid. Chemical addition includes sulfuric acid for pH control, chlorine gas for disinfection. Built into the new plant is water storage of 330,000 gallons of water.

This gives Belmond fire water capacity of 830,000 gallons. The plant is built with much added processing capacity to easily handle a major industrial user.

The processing includes a backwash reclaim tank. The backwash water is settled with the clear water returned to the system, and the sludge pumped to waste. The lime sludge is hauled by truck to a city owned lagoon. The lagoon has significant capacity with no need for dredging and land application of sludge anticipated by staff within the next ten years.

Water is supplied to the plant by two 700′ deep wells and has a capacity to pump 16,500,000 gallons of water per day. All of the water pumped through the plant has natural fluoridation for dental health in the raw water.

The City has two elevated storage tanks. One of the elevated tanks, known as the west tower, has a capacity of 200,000 gallons while the second elevated storage tank known as the south tower has a capacity of 300,000 gallons. The west tower was constructed in the 1960’s and the south tower in 1976. These towers have epoxy coated finish with no known issues of lead paint. Both towers are inspected annually with major repairs and painting completed in 2007.

The City of Belmond has a distribution system consisting of ductile iron and PVC water main. A majority of the water main is of the 4″ size, but 6″ and 8″ are present. The industrial park in the City of Belmond contains 12″ and 14″ water main. The water distribution system is maintained by the city.

The city has replaced residential and commercial water meters with radio read meters. These meters have resulted in more accurate water usage records for all users.

One employee works in this area. In addition to the work relating to the maintenance and operations of the water treatment facility and distribution system, the employee also responds to and makes appropriate marks for Iowa One Call and other locates and performs all sampling, testing and reporting requirements as directed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Environmental Protection Agency including the Annual Consumer’s Confidence Report.

Belmond Public Works Department
Justin Fournier, Public Works Director
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