Wright County Sheriff

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Jason Schluttenhofer, Sheriff
Jeremy Hogrefe, Chief Deputy
Brenda Maxheimer, Office Manager
Address: 719 2nd St. SW, Clarion, IA 50525
Mail: PO Box 348 Clarion, IA 50525
Sheriff’s Office Phone: (515) 532-3722
Jail Phone: (515) 602-6152
Fax: (515) 532-2189
8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Monday – Friday

The Sheriff is an elected Wright County official who serves a four year term.

The Wright County Sheriff and Deputies are the county’s principal enforcement officers for the unincorporated areas of Belmond, Clarion, Eagle Grove, Galt, Holmes, Rowan and Woolstock. By contract, the Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement to the cities of Rowan & Dows.
The officers patrol nearly 540 square miles and serve approximately 15,000 citizens.

  • Duties of the office include but are not limited to the following:
  • Investigation and report of accidents, theft, vandalism, assault, illegal drug activity, reported child and/or domestic abuse and enforcement of traffic laws.
  • Duties related to the civil process-including but not limited to original notices and petitions, garnishment, sheriff sales, protective and restraining orders, involuntary commitment of persons with mental illness and / or substance abuse and other legal processes issued by lawful authority.

Mission Statement: By empowering our employees to participate in a leadership role within the county, we make great efforts to gain the support and trust of those we serve. We strive to provide quality service and protection to the residents of Wright County.

Wright County Assessor

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Tonee Nicholas, ICA, RES, AAS County Assessor Address: 115 N Main St, Clarion, IA
Mail: PO Box 428, Clarion, IA 50525
Phone: (515) 532-3737 Hours:
8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Monday – Friday

The Wright County Assessor is charged with several administrative and statutory duties. The Assessor’s primary duty and responsibility is to assess all real property, which includes residential, commercial, industrial, multi-residential and agricultural classifications of property within its jurisdiction except that which is otherwise provided by law.

The effective date of the assessment is January 1st of the current year. The assessor determines a full or partial value of new construction or improvements depending upon the state of completion as of January 1st. Real property is revalued every two years (Odd numbered years are equalization years).

The assessor does not collect taxes, calculate taxes or determine the tax rate. The assessor is concerned with value, not taxes.

Wright County Treasurer

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Peggy Schulettenhofer, Treasurer Address: 115 N Main St, Clarion, IA
Phone: (515) 532-2691
Fax: (515) 532-6062
8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Monday – Friday

The Treasurer is responsible for the receipt, management, disbursement, financial reporting, bonds and investment of all monies paid to the County and serves as agent for the State of Iowa Department of Transportation and Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance.

The Treasurer compiles composite reports from individual record books to general ledgers: reviews and reconciles receipts, bills, and cash received to assure accuracy of figures to prevent discrepancies and financial loss. In addition, the Treasurer categorizes, indexes, files and deposits materials, forms and monies received to assure public funds are administered properly.

The Treasurer is responsible for the proper receipt, accounting and disbursement of county funds within proper policies established by the State of Iowa, Wright County Board of Supervisors and corporate and unincorporated taxing entities for adequate financial control.

Wright County Recorder

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Denise Baker, Recorder
Eric Russell, Deputy
Address: 115 N Main St, Clarion, IA
Mail: PO Box 187, Clarion, IA 50525
Phone: (515) 532-3204 Hours:
8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Monday – Friday

It is our goal to provide accurate information for the public regarding real estate, conservation, and vital records.

The Office of the Iowa County Recorder was created by the First Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Iowa in 1839. Since the creation of the County Recorder’s office, numerous additional responsibilities have been added over the years.

The Recorder’s duties are defined by state statutes and established by state agencies through administrative actions. The County Recorder works with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa Department of Revenue, and the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Wright County Auditor

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Betty Ellis, Auditor Address: 115 N Main St, Clarion, IA
Phone: (515) 532-2771 Hours:
8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Monday – Friday

The office of the County Auditor was created in 1870 as part of a revamping of county government. The duties of the office covered areas that had previously been given to the County Judge in 1851, in the first Code of Iowa, and then to the Clerk of Court in 1861, with the formation of the Board of Supervisors. The State Legislature added the duties of Commissioner of Elections in the early 1970’s. The County Auditor is an elected position, with a term of four years.

The Institute of Public Affairs has labeled the Auditor’s Office as the “Hub of County Government”. The Auditors and their staff are always available to help with your questions and invite you to visit their offices anytime.

The following information has been prepared by the Iowa State Association of County Auditors for the purpose of acquainting you with the duties and responsibilities of your County Auditor. No attempt has been made to cover all the functions of this office. We hope you use this as a reference and an educational guide for information about the County Auditor.

The Auditor may perform a variety of duties depending on the size of the county, and are described in the tabs on the right side of the page.