Belmond Bark Park, located at 800 5th Street SE is an off-leash fenced park where dogs (and their owners) can gather and socialize on 1 1/4 grassy acres. Park hours are from dawn until dusk. The park is divided into two fenced areas, for large and small dogs. Shade and agility structures, water fountains, and benches are provided in both areas.

Bags for pet waste and garbage receptacles are provided and visitors are required to clean up after their dogs.

A “stick library” at the park entrance allows dogs to take a stick to play fetch and return it to the “library” after play.

Belmond Bark Park

Get Directions: 800 5th St SE, Belmond, IA 50421

Bark Park Rules
Owner(s) Must:

  • Be present with dog(s) at all times
  • Carry a leash at all times
  • Remove dogs at first sign of aggression
  • Be liable for any and all injuries caused by their dog
  • Pick up and properly dispose of dog waste!
  • Limit two dogs per owner
  • Discourage dogs from digging
  • Fill holes dug by their dog
Dog(s) Must Be:

  • Vaccinated and in good health
  • Over four months old
  • Wearing a collar with ID & current vaccinations
  • On a leash until safely in the park
Not Allowed:

  • Dog toys, treats, food, bones (training treats allowed)
  • Dogs that are aggressive
  • Female dogs in heat
  • Unsupervised children 10 years of age or younger
  • Dogs with known communicable diseases